About Udgam Charitable Trust

Udgam Charitable Trust is a Non-Governmental Development organization. Established over 21 years ago, Udgam Charitable Trust helps to uplift lives of underserved and try to create a society that is equal for all. This is a place where voices come together to connect, inspire and bring about a radical change in our society for personal and social development.

Our all-embracing approach ensures that through the programmes we support, we reach out to diverse target groups that include children, women, the differently abled, andless fortunate sections of society. Our strengths in institution building, management support, monitoring and evaluation make our projects scalable and sustainable.


Every child has the right to an education. But because of poverty not every child can afford study materials. Lot of  time they can’t afford school fees and end up stepping out of school. Now don’t you think our efforts can change their lives? Because equipped with literacy and other life skills, they can grow into adults who earn higher wages, educate their own children, and have a voice in their community.

Share for Care

Access to education is not a privilege, it’s a right.Udgam Charitable trust is striving to ensure that this right is protected for children. Educating children no matter where they are is one of the biggest steps we can take toward ending extreme poverty. Share for care project aimsto provide educational support to less fortunate students so that they may be able to develop their educational standard. This project helps the less fortunate children to get better opportunities to be educated and to contribute in the development of society.

Our mission is to ensure that every child can get quality education by creating material bank (Books, Notebooks, Education Material, School Uniforms, Shoes, School Bag, etc) in government schools so students can study well & have bright future.


How can you support ?

We want to do more and you can support. By committing a small support to protect children’s right to education, you can help lift a child and shaping their future. You can also donate educational materials or sponsor school fees for underprivi-leged students. Your donation will be used for co-curricular activities to enhance a student’s education with field trips, sports days, and annual concerts.

You can support share for care project in various ways

  • Creating a Partnership with Schools,Corporates, associations, societies,media, etc.
  • Students to Students drive in schools
  • Any individual can donate anykind of waste of new educational material
  • Any individual/group can organisea waste collection drive (Any kind ofdry waste wow can collect )
  • Any individual/group can organise a new educational material collection drive(School Bag, Notebooks, Pencil, sharpener,eraser, School Uniforms, compass box,water bottle, crayons, etc
  • Any individual/group can organise a oldmaterial which we can utilize in schoolslike computer, music instruments, storybooks, sports goods, etc.
  • Help us to spread Share for Careproject in through social media plateorms, mouth to mouth, etc.
  • Raise financial Donation to supportShare for Care Project.
  • Be a volunteer for Share for Care:Your untold story can inspire others.
  • Be a Regular contributor/donor

Together we can strengthen local schools and empower students! We dedicated to providing education support to students living in poverty, the Udgam Charitable Trust partners with schools, businesses, and local communities to conduct share for care project. For 21 years, we have helped kids to be successful in the classroom, and together, we can help decrease absenteeism, improve classroom behaviour, and empower.

With a little planning, time, and energy let’s change the future.So, now it’s our turn to take a step. To share because you care!

Share For Care

For any kind of waste collection

CALL US : +91 9714006882

For any kind of drive & support

CALL US : +91 9714006883

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